Welding and fabrication services we offer! We full welding and fabrication services for a variety of materials including Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, and Mild Steel. We also offer ​minor port and polishing services are also offered for manifolds, TGV deletes, and throttle bodies.

  • -Intercooler Piping and Kits
  • -Exhausts
  • -Manifolds
  • -Wastegate dump tubes
  • -Flanges
  • -Bungs

Parts Installation and Regular Maintenance

We believe that a company shouldn't sell a part they wouldn't install on their own personal vehicle. For all the parts we sell, we also offer professional installation. Many performance and aftermarket parts require specific knowledge or modification in order to install that is not readily available at a "normal" repair shop or dealership. While we specialize in high performance we also offer regular maintenance service for our customers, from oil changes to timing belts and clutch replacements we value your business as OUR customer.

We are a dealer for and choose to only sell the best brand parts including:

  • -IAG Automotive
  • -Extreme Turbo Systems
  • -Precision Turbo
  • -Texas Speed & Performance
  • -Garrett Turbo
  • -AEM
  • -Vibrant
  • -Tick Performance
  • -Competition Clutch
  • -Borgwarner Turbo
  • -Manley
  • -GSC Power Division
  • -And many more!